Being a first-time buyer is a really daunting experience so when a friend recommended Jonathan, I was really glad to meet with a realtor that had already worked with someone I knew. By the end of the experience, I was absolutely thrilled that I had met Jonathan and I can't imagine having gone through the process with anyone else!

Jonathan was contactable, knowledgeable, gave me tons of advice, recommended other professionals when needed and when it came to the condo that I wanted to purchase, he pulled out all the stops to put me in the best position I could be with my offer and it worked!

The condo that I wanted was on the market for less than 24 hours when I made an offer and it was accepted less than 24 hours later! This was in spite of the fact that the seller had initially planned on holding back offers for almost two weeks!Not only did Jonathan work rapidly to get everything in place for this to happen, the team of professionals he had also connected me with did the same.

I had a wish list for what I would like going into this but with the condo market the way it is, I really thought I would have to compromise so much more than I did to find something within my budget. I am so thrilled with the property I purchased and getting it was in a large part due to Jonathan making things happen so quickly.


Aoife Noctor

I am writing to thank you for all your Excellent work in helping us sell our house in Toronto. I am most grateful for your intelligent and patient advice and your attention to detail throughout every part of our process. 
We were referred to you by our son, whom you also did a superb job selling his home a few years ago also. We are especially pleased with each step of your coaching and direction for every phase of our house preparation and the sale process.
Your connection to stagers and people in the trades who gave us great service and great deals to do our finishing touches on our house was excellent. Each person we contacted did a fantastic job with our home and were also very economical, friendly and professional to help us through that stage of our preparation for sale.
Your marketing skills are unlike any that I have seen in all my past buying and selling experiences with agents. You went far above and beyond, that I have an expectation of this kind of service since you set the bar high. Your use of technology and feedback was TOP NOTCH.
The video and photos were fantastic and many people commented on their superb quality. 
The open house and showings were intense from all the technology you generated which even included you doing the good old fashioned walking door to door and handing out flyers for a few hours and then following up with other agents in the area. You're attention to detail and how you managed our open house was exemplary. 
My husband and I are very pleased with your level of care, photography, and service.
We would like to thank you for your amazing skills as a realtor and negotiator when selling our property. We appreciate the effort you put into the sale from start to finish. We will recommend your services to everyone who may need a realtor. We certainly hope that whether we are buying or selling, we have you on our side. Thanks again.

Dan & Lyla

The Toronto housing market is an exciting one. But it also felt pretty daunting to us. We didn't know where to start. Jonathan helped to make the process transparent, accessible, and dare we say - fun! With great patience, flexibility, and finesse, he walked us through every step of the process - keeping our spirits lifted with his incredible kindness and exceeding our expectations by going above-and-beyond in every way. Jonathan helped us to sell our downtown condo, and buy our first house in the up-and-coming Riverdale region of Toronto. In a bidding war market - we were able to get the house of our dreams at just slightly above asking price. Most recently, he also helped us to sell our parents/ in-laws house in Etobicoke. There was quite a lot to do to prepare the house for sale (and complex emotions evolved), but Jonathan knew exactly how to get it on the market as a strong contender, in a reasonable amount of time, mindful of the many personal considerations. He has an excellent understanding of how the market works, was accommodating for some special requests we had, and was able to anticipate the nuances of how our sale would go. It sold well above asking! Jonathan has been our realtor 3 times now. He is honest, understanding, and respectful, and we will continue to work with him in the future - without question! ~ 
Marco Pagliarulo & Stephanie Kittell
With the housing market being extremely competitive these days, I didn't think I would ever be able to afford or ' get in' on exactly the house I wanted, which was in one of the most sought over and trendiest areas in Toronto.

I knew what I wanted and what I could afford, but usually by the time all the bids were registered, I was way below what everyone else was offering.

With Jonathan's keen eye and diligent work ethic he tirelessly strived to understand exactly what I was looking for that was within my budget. And with that, we were usually the first on the scene to look at the houses we looked at.

Just when I was beginning to loose hope, we had planned to meet to look at a house that we both knew was not right but good to look at to see where the prices were for that month. When I had arrived that day, he had already scoured the market that day and he noticed an additional house that he thought was exactly what I was looking for. This house had just come up and had only been on the market for a few hours.

We did a quick tour of the house we planned to look at, then rushed over to his new find.

It was a rare gem and we were the first to look at it.

As I went through it, I thought - it is exactly what I want for the location and price but I will never get it....

We both agreed that it was a quality house from top to bottom. It even had a garage. Something I was willing to live without just to be able to afford the area. So Jonathan suggested we act quickly and put in a bully offer. I thought, ' what do we have to loose' thinking it would probably be rejected. I was wrong. The bully offer was accepted within 15 000 of what I had originally offered and the gem was mine.

Days on the market: 0.!

Jonathan moved at lightning speed to make the transaction happen that night even obtaining a second visit with my family. I will forever be grateful for his degree of professionalism moving a step ahead of our competitors. Thanks Jonathan !

E Marshall
We are grateful to have met you (Jonathan), and there was a comfort zone to your personality, and how you presented yourself in a professional manner. Having engaged you as our agent there was no regrets. We are very pleased with the time in which the house was sold, and would highly recommend you. Thank you again, Jonathan!!! if there is any need in the future, we will be calling on you. You are an amazing agent!!

A & R Oduns-Agoro/Odunsi

We purchased our stacked townhouse a year ago with Jonathan's help, and as first time home-buyers, we were unsure about a lot of things when it came to real estate. Jonathan was very consultative and helped us prioritize what we wanted while crunching the numbers to make sure we were making a good investment as we knew we would need to upsize once we began to start a family.
Little did we realize that would happen so soon! Jonathan went right back to work for us when we began our search for a bigger house in the city and took us through the highs and lows of the Toronto market and was incredibly knowledgeable with regard to the values of houses and what we should expect to spend on them. He was able to find us a gem and once again, negotiate an amazing price for us even in this competitive market, as well as provide us with contacts to turn the place into our dream home. All that remained to be done was sell our townhouse! Jonathan took us through staging our place and marketing the property to generate a frenzied buzz which led to an unbelievable amount of showings and multiple offers on offer night, ultimately resulting in a firm offer at 22% more than we paid a year ago! We could never have expected that kind of a result, and Jon was able to navigate us through every part of the journey with perfect ease. We are very fortunate to have Jon as our realtor, and we are confident in the knowledge that we will be well taken care of for our next real estate journey, and cannot recommend him highly enough!

A & S Hyginus/Aziz


You came highly recommended by our son and daughter-in-law and you did not disappoint.  We were faced with the daunting task of getting our home ready for the spring market and you were always just a phone call or text away with any questions we had. Thank you for your professional and human approach to this rather stressful time.  We are beyond pleased with the outcome.  Our home was presented beautifully and sold in record time.  Thank you again.

B & G Milligan 

This letter is a thank-you for friendship and professional help over the last ten years. You were the real-estate agent I called when I started writing my "Ugly Duckling" column for the National Post in 2006. I wanted somebody who was flexible, eager, personable and professional.
You were obviously the right person for the job because we are still working together. Many thanks for your time and patience. You were also the person I called when I wanted to buy 4 Hartford Avenue in 2008. I had been scouring Beach listings daily for two years, and knew that when I found my future home I would need immediate action. I did not want to join a queue in a bidding war.
Thanks to your lightning reflexes, I put in my offer and got the house for less than asking. As we quietly calculated later, not since 1994 has a detached, three-bedroom brick home with parking sold in the Beach for so little. Thank you. When I sold my Beach home in May 2015, it was you who worked with extreme dedication and diligence to get me the best price possible. Again, thank you.
I've been happy over the years to recommend you many times to family, friends and colleagues. You are also a caring person. I appreciate being able to call you a friend.

Brenda McMillan
After 15 years in the same home the thought of moving away from the memories was very daunting, not to mention the already anticipated stress from selling. From the first visit with Jonathan that stress level began to subside. He was not only concerned with the listing and selling of our house but he was also considerate dealing with the emotional attachments we had to our home and our neighbors. A true professional, Jonathan systematically took us from the beginning to the end within an hour, explaining all steps and options we would face. His expert advice, premium marketing, and constant contact helped us relax while allowing him to do what he does best, SELL OUR HOME! His design team including stagers and contractors were on speed dial, no waiting!, He called them and they showed up within 24 hours, amazing! His approach allowed us to realize top dollar for our home within weeks breaking all records on our street by $100,000. We highly recommend Jonathan to anyone looking to sell and would expect nothing less than the same if I was looking to buy. He went above and beyond and allowed us to sit back and relax in a time considered to be one of the most stressful experiences most people will go thorough in their lives. Thanks again Jonathan

J & D Collins, Pickering.
If you are looking for an agent that is very responsive, proactive, and willing to go the extra mile for you, Jonathan is your guy. We first met Jonathan 5 years ago when we were looking to buy our first home, an investment property that we could live in and rent. Jonathan was very knowledgeable with that kind of product, and over the course of our purchase we saw over 30 multi unit dwellings to find the right one. Fast forward 5 years, my wife and I were expecting a baby and wanted to convert to a single family home to grow our family. Working with Jonathan again was a very pleasant experience. He was accommodating to our schedules and our ever changing list of buying criteria, which fluctuated between location, school districts, lot size, house finish, etc. He also demonstrated a wealth a knowledge related to house construction, where he was able to identify many of the issues that an inspector would catch. When selling our house, Jonathan provided us with several contacts for general contracting, house cleaning, and home staging. As a team, we transformed our house and sold it for $150k over asking, greatly exceeding our expectations. Jonathan has demonstrated tremendous patience and professionalism throughout the buying and selling process, and we would not hesitate to recommend him to prospective buyers and sellers alike. Thank you Jonathan!

T & M Trinh/Kim, Toronto

What can we possibly say to sum up our experience with our realtor! Our experience with Jonathan was nothing short of amazing! From the expert advice he provided, to the premium marketing of our home, and his home design team who transformed our property into a buyer's dream, he made our selling process an easy and stress free one. Making a decent profit on our house was the goal but reaching top dollar wasn't something we expected or even anticipated! We truly feel he went over and beyond what was expected of him and we can't thank him enough for his professionalism, approachable nature, and outstanding work ethic! I would recommend him to anyone looking to sell their property and will definitely be sure to use his services in the future”. 
Gord & Anita
Junction Triangle, Toronto 

As many individuals in our age group, our children are grown up and have moved away.  We found ourselves in a house that was too large for our needs.
To say we were impressed with Jonathan is an understatement.  Not all realtors possess his level of experience, along with strong organization, interpersonal and communication skills.  His regular daily communication helped to keep us informed every step of the process.  The proof of his strengths as a realtor is evident in his results.
Although we were selling our house during one of the coldest weeks of the winter, it took only 7 days to complete the sell.  Not only did it sell quickly, but $52,000 above the asking price.  It doesn’t get any better than this!
We are now ready to start a new chapter in our lives, thanks to Jonathan’s help!

Suzanne Brochu-Ranta and Rick Ranta 

Jonathan is an exceptional realtor. He was very hard working, personable, attentive, accessible, knowledgeable, patient, thorough and kind. He exceeded our expectations on a number of occasions and demonstrated that he had  our best interest at hart. We appreciated the level of research that he provided before and after each of the viewings.
Jonathan was right by our side as an advisor and teammate from the moment we entered the market, to closing and beyond!,

David I and Lindsey O.

 It is with great pleasure and gratitude that we would love to share our buying and selling experience using Jonathan  Amantea as our real estate agent.
We met Jonathan at our doorstep while he was advertising a property for another client.
Trust me, no other real estate agent would go out on a very cold day knocking on peoples doors to make things happen!
Jonathan was fully involved in the renovations right from day one.  he provided us with contacts when we couldn't get any under our crazy time crunch.  His constant checking in and asking if we needed additional help was incredible and unexpected.  Finally, his level of expertise, calmness and poise made things very comforting even when unexpected situations came up.
We always told him "you rock" and truthfully he really does!

"Jonathan thank you very much for your excellent services and we will definitely recommend you to everyone we know"
By the way
                                                  "You Rock"!!

Nela & Joe Da Silva

Jonathan made the process of selling our house totally & completely stress free, it was a pleasure to work with him. Jonathan obviously loves what he does is very energetic & passionate about the work.
I think he was made to do this! He is an incredible guy to work with. He went over & above in marketing to the neighbourhood & beyond. He brings a wealth of experience to the table. We ended up getting three offers over asking (which was more than we expected) in a very short period of time all due to the impressive pre planning. It was such a pleasure to work w/ Jonathan, He did an excellent job & I would defiantly use Jonathan again w/out reservation & have already introduced a few friends to him.

R & E Azzorpadi , Rosedale

We interviewed Jonathan as well as 4 other realtors & at the end of the day Jonathan had the most comprehensive & complete marketing package/strategy for how to sell our house. Jonathan was very punctual & his consultants that he used were all professional. He did such a great job that 2 weeks before we listed our house our neighbour sold there comparable house for $50,000 less than what we sold our house for.
He made us allot more money & he did a great job! Did we mention that he also sold the house in 10 hours!

S & J. Lefler , Danforth Village

My first home SALE, coincided with an extremely busy time for me as I was starting a new business. Especially since it was a rental property with multiple tenants.
Fortunately, Jon was able to take on all the little items and make it much easier. Coordinating (and at time placating) the tenants was a major undertaking. In a very professional manner, Jon was able to keep everyone happy, despite many showing.
Thanks for all your hard work!

Olaf Vogel

My girlfriend and I recently purchased our first home with Jonathan's help. In the beginning, we were a little intimidated by the home-buying process, but Jonathan immediately put our fears to rest with his caring demeanor and vast knowledge. He took the time to make sure we understood each of the steps involved and helped us to determine what was really important to us in a home.
Throughout the search, Jonathan continually impressed us with his professionalism, patience, and expertise. In the end, he found us a beautiful home that perfectly suits our needs.
Jonathan's commitment to his clients is second to none. He is an exceptional agent and a skilled negotiator. We will definitely call him when the time comes to look for a new place and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to all our friends!
Jay and Sasha
During the summer of 2007 my search for a new property had begun with Jonathan Amantea whom I met at an open house in my neighborhood. I thought I would use his expertise and advise to assist me in my specific property search. I do not believe most Real Estate brokers would have offered the time and patience displayed by Jonathan. He is a motivated and intelligent young man that is willing to work with the client. If there was something we needed verfication on he actually brought professionals in the field to meet with us to go over the most intricate details. We had looked at several different properties before finding the most suitable for my needs. I do and will continue to recommend Jonathan as the best Real Estate broker to any friends and family who are looking for someone who will work for them.

Michael Blakely
"As first time buyers, we had a lot of unanswered questions regarding the purchase of our home. Jonathan provided the answers to many of these and gave informed advice on the many homes we visited. He went out of his way to make sure we were confident in our decision on the purchase of a home, whether it be by bringing contractors along to the house with us or by making sure we knew everything we wanted to know about our potential future home. His insight and experience in the Toronto market enabled us to find the home best-suited to our interests and at the right price"

Geoff and Claire Matthews
Dear Jonathan
This letter is a thank-you for friendship and professional help over the last two years.
You were the real-estate agent I called when I started writing my “Ugly Duckling” column for the National Post. I wanted somebody who was flexible, eager, personable and professional. You were obviously the right person for the job because I am still writing and you are still looking through Ugly Duckling properties with me. Many thanks for your time and patience.
You were also the person I called when I wanted to buy 4 Hartford. I had been scouring daily Beach listings for two years, and knew that when I found my future home I would need immediate action. I did not want to join a queue in a bidding war. Thanks to your lightning reflexes, we put in our offer and got the house for less than asking. As we quietly calculated later, not since 1994 has a detached, three-bedroom brick home with parking sold in the Beach for so little. Thank you.
You are also a caring person. I appreciate being able to call you a friend.

Brenda McMillan
My first purchase became a logistical nightmare with last minute negotiations, as well as the vendor almost pulling out of the deal because of financial hardship. It was an incredibly stressful time but Jonathan maintained his patience, careful attention and professionalism. I am grateful.

Marcia Mack
I can only think of positive and wonderful things to say about Jonathan as my buyer agent. What my mortgage specialist said about Jonathan was true - that he is such an awesome guy to deal with:
• he returns my phone calls and responds to my e-mails promptly; I don’t need to wait;
• he is an excellent listener and he respects my decisions; he is very patient in answering my never-ending questions;
• he makes suggestions and offers alternatives that I haven’t thought of in the homebuying process;
• he is knowledgeable about what goes on in the mind of a first-time buyer like me;
• he is proactive, sincere and very dependable;
• he thinks ahead that I feel he takes care of everything from A to Z;
• he always monitors what needs to be done to make my homebuying easy and worry-free;
• he stays on top of things and is always watching for what is necessary;
• he explains the homebuying “jargon” clearly and concisely and helps me become an informed homebuyer;
• I feel he represents my best interests and I can ask for nothing more.
I won’t hesitate recommending Jonathan as a buyer agent to my relatives and friends. Thanks a million, Jonathan, for finding my home. You’re simply the best!!!!!

Leah Arriola
To Whom it may Concern:
I have known Jonathan Amantea for a little while now. Earlier this year, I decided to move to a condominium Downtown Toronto and I asked him to help me do so.
What sets Jonathan apart from other realtors is his manner with his clients. He was a friendly and personable person to work with. This made communicating with him and viewing the potential properties a pleasant experience. In addition, he always followed up to ensure that I was happy with the work that he was doing.
On top of that, he was very efficient. I was viewing potential condos right away. Again, he was very in-tune with my needs; he listened to the things I said that I was looking for and zeroed in on the properties that fit my needs. Further, he had a good knowledge of the neighbourhoods of Toronto.
As everyone knows, finding a new home and moving can be difficult. Jonathan really made the whole experience easy; he took care of everything and paid attention to the small details, so that I didn’t have to.
Six months later, I am very pleased with my home. It is exactly what I wanted and I have Jonathan to thank for that. I would definitely buy or sell through him in the future and would recommend him to any of my friends.
Thanks Jonathan!

Eleanor Elstub
My husband and I were looking for our first home because we had a baby on the way. Jonathan Amantea drove us around for hours until we were able to locate the property we wanted. During one of our outings we found a property that was a ‘for sale by owner’. Jonathan Signed up a 24 hour exclusive listing with the Owner and drafted an offer with us and closed the property for us. Both my husband and I were very happy with his services and would highly recommend Jonathan to our friends and family.

Shalie and Alex Jelenic
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your help with the purchase of my first home. I was very nervous and inexperienced but your professionalism, hard work, and kind nature put me at ease.
I was amazed at how little time it took to find the ideal place. I think our bike tour was an excellent way to get around the city, see a bunch of properties, and get some exercise at the same time. Maybe next time you could organize some good weather!
I will pass your name along to family and friends looking to get into the market and do so with a reliable, energetic, and knowledgeable agent. Thanks again for everything!

Bryan McMillan
I can't say enough positive things about our experience with Jonathan Amantea. From what was scheduled as an initial hour long consultation ended eleven and a half hours later with putting in an offer on our first ever home. His extensive knowledge of our desired neighborhood and attentiveness to what we truly needed in a home was beyond impressive. He managed to get us a fantastic price on our townhouse (between 6 and 22 thousand under comparables in the complex). Even through the stress of a 19 day closing, he remained constantly available and provided frequent updates during the process of closing. He returned emails, text messages and phone calls promptly, assuring us we were a priority. His approachable, calm, and patient demeanor helped assure us of a positive outcome. I will undoubtedly hire Jonathan when we eventually sell our townhouse however, we're so happy I don't it'll be for a while. We recommend Johnathan to anyone who wants a knowledgeable, approachable, and attentive agent.
Rachael and Colin
We worked with Jonathan in April 2012 to purchase our first home. I would highly recommend Jonathan to anyone looking to buy real estate in Toronto. He was very responsive, provided all the information we requested quickly and was extremely professional. In particular, he is a great resource for those looking to purchase an older place that needs some renovation. During the offer process, he lined up multiple quotes on work that needed to be done which was immensely helpful in making our decision. He was very knowledgeable about identifying and prioritizing repair issues for energy efficiency.
Notably - while rain prevented this from happening - he was willing to do our house tour by bike!

Jen Flexman
I met Jonathan about 1 year before I was even planning on buying a house when he was selling a house across the street from where I had been living. Normally, I would not have kept his contact info as I was not planning on buying a house, but he just came across as really professional and as an agent who actually cared about his client so I kept his info and contacted him when I was ready to buy my first place.
During my consultation with him he listened to what I wanted and not only gave me advice, but gave me a lot of info to take with me to become more knowledgeable about becoming a first time home owner. He promptly sent me listings and set up showings. Jonathan always came prepared with information on not only the house, but also about the positive and not so positive info on the area and the demographics of the area. He always made himself available and in less than 2 weeks I found my house. He helped me negotiate a great price and remained professional even when the sellers' agent was not playing fair. He even did a minor home inspection of the house (but of course advised me to get one professionally done). The report was positive and the house became mine.
I have been in my house for about 2 weeks now and Jonathan is still calling to see if things are going ok. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a house and will definitely use him again when I am ready to sell and buy again.
Thanks again Jonathan for your professionalism and support in me purchasing my first home.

Lorraine Lewis
Jonathan Amantea was my Real Estate agent for the selling of my house in the Trinity-Bellwoods area. He was the most professional, efficient and caring agent that I have ever worked with in my personal experience in both buying and selling houses. He maintained a calm demeanor throughout the entire experience, always communicating with any changes to the listing and reassuring me through the entire process. His determination and assistance provided me with a comfort level and quick results that ended with a quick sale and closing. He walked me through the listing, took care of little details such as communicating with my tenants, staging the outside of the house, and checking in frequently. Jonathan showed kindness and flexibility from following through the listing until the final closing. He provided me with suggestions and hands-on assistance with little details that I wasn't aware of or didn't have the time to attend to myself. I would highly recommend Jonathan Amentea as a responsible, professional and caring agent for either buying or selling your home.

Deborah Phillips
When we made the decision to move into Toronto a friend recommended Jonathan to us. At around 10PM one evening I sent Jonathan an email introducing myself and asking if he would get in touch with me sometime. To my surprise Jonathan phoned me back 15 minutes later and we proceeded to have an engaging conversation. When I hung up I knew that he was going to be our Agent.
We met with Jonathan the following week at his office. He was very friendly and worked very hard to understand our needs. He asked a lot of questions and most importantly listened to what we had to say. It was obvious from the first moment that Jonathan was going to do whatever it took to help us find the right home.
He arranged for us to visit over a dozen properties the next day including the home we would place an offer on a few days later. Despite it being a holiday Monday, Jonathan presented our offer to the Owners, negotiated the counter proposals, and sealed the deal before the day was out.
Jonathan did an excellent job of representing us and made the home buying process easy. It took just under two weeks from the time I first spoke with Jonathan to the time we had an executed contract to buy the new home. A whirlwind 10 days that was stress free because of Jonathan's attention to detail and strong work ethic.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jonathan to my friends and family. Thanks again for such a positive experience!

A. Farr